“ISO 9001:2030 revision, Digitalization Shift in QMS a glimpse”

ISO 9001:2030

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The significant portion of the adjustment in the future revision of ISO 9001 in 2030 is the digitalization of the QMS process.

As we all know, the scheduled ISO9001 standard upgrade in 2023 has been canceled due to global committee suggestions to keep the 2015 revision until the next due date.

Globally, it is recognized that QMS Digitalization is the primary feature that is not currently addressed in the standard, and everyone wants to urge on its inclusion in the next iteration.

Read this article from 9001simplified.com regarding the ISO9001 revision scheduled for 2030.

ISO 9001:2030 QMS digitalization

Why wait seven years for the standard to be published? Take the first steps to accept / implement digitalization in your processes so that it will be easier for you to adopt the changes that the standard will bring in the next 7 years, as well as a lot of developments in the solution that you implement now before 2030.

If you observe that Quality is the most untouched function in terms of digitalization or new technology adoption, then all organizations would prioritize digitalizing Quality procedures.

ISO 9001:2030

Do you realize that traditional workflows include Paper, Excel, PPT, Mails, Calls, Messages, Followups, Meetings, and so on, resulting in a 50% loss of employee productivity in the Quality department? This is a significant financial loss for the organization.

  1. Highly Manual process
  2. Make the employee to work on multiple applications
  3. Data dependency & accuracy
  4. Preparation for meetings
  5. Data storage, Loss & Retrievability
  6. Delayed decision making

All of this adds to the cost of the process. Work on digitizing the QA process makes the workflow easier, less time consuming, efficient, robust, transparent, and user friendly, among other benefits.

Read about CQI’s recommendation / answer to ISO 9001 revision expectations here.

ISO9001:2030 standard

So, to stay ahead of the game, take the necessary actions to begin the voyage with our DQMS solution which digitalize 16 Quality processes and saves almost 50% employee productivity. Explore more about our solution by booking a demo session here.

Download the ISO Strategy 2030 document here to learn more about it.

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