Make tasks easy, keep data safe, build error-free Products with our Quality Inspection Software

Our quality inspection software helps you go paperless, find and fix deviations easily, and use one platform for all the tasks.

Quality Inspection Software

Inspection of materials in an industry is an unavoidable activity in all stages to ensure the Right product is received or manufactured. Paper-based checklists are being used to record the output, get it approved & store it for future reference. Inspection is the major activity for the Quality team to ensure the right product for the next process leads to an unimaginable number of documents generated over the time period.

As per the International standard recommendation, reports & documents have to be stored for a minimum time period of 5 years. It requires a lot of space to store & also cares to be taken to keep it safe & secure from loss or damage. Retrieval becomes a tedious process.

Our Quality Inspection software module makes life easier to the quality team not to touch paper anymore in the entire process. Record inspection output, approval & storage done digitally which leads to 0 space & ensure the safety of the document from damage or loss with immediate retrieval.

We have integrated our Calibration Management Module with this for better tracking of the instruments/gauges used for the inspection.


How Does Quality Inspection Software Help You Deliver Error-Free Products?
  • One Solution for all Inspection Activities:

It lets you do everything from a single platform. So, you don’t have to juggle between different software for various tasks.

  • Keep the Processes Consistent:

It notifies you when a deviation occurs in the process and helps you take action to address it.

  • Easily Handle Data:

It stores data in one safe place and makes it easy to share, work on, and turn them into dashboards.

  • Save Time, Space, and Cost:

It helps you take all the data to one place to keep it safe, make it easy to recover and go paperless.

  • Integrate with Bluetooth Instruments:

Can capture the measured dimensions directly from the Bluetooth-enabled instruments with a click of a button



In short, our quality inspection software helps you meet industry standards and customer expectations by making error-free products.

Quality Inspection Software
Quality Inspection Software

Process followed

Create Checklists


Create the checklists for Inspection for various part numbers at varipus stages

Enter Inspection data & Capture photos


Enter the Actual Inspected values in the application screen

Approve the Inspection entries


Approve / Reject the Inspection entries

Download pdf report

pdf report can be downloaded from the portal


Is this a web-based Quality Inpection Module

Yes, this is a web-based application & We have Mobile app also

Is single click report download available?

Yes, Reports can be downloaded with the company logo, format & revision number.

Mails will go to the concerned users for reminder & Trigger

Yes, Mails will be triggered from the portal  automatically

Do you have Readymade MIS Dashboard ?

Yes, Ready to use MIS dashboard with multiple filters available as default

Can we capture the photos as evidence

Yes, photos can be captured

Is there a Deviation, NCR work flow available with approval

Yes, we have a structured way of solving it