Meeting effectiveness is based on the closure of the MoM raised.

Our Meeting Management system module has the feature to schedule a meeting, note down the Minutes, & track the closure

Meeting Management Software

Meeting is an integral part of the business, Day starts with the meeting & ends with the meeting. It is important to run a meeting efficiently & it is more important to monitor the closure of the action points (Minutes of Meeting – MoM) raised.

This is the major gap or lacuna in a business, If this gets fixed up next meeting on the same subject runs very efficiently with less time & highly focused.

Our Meeting Review System or Meeting Review software module have the features from scheduling the meeting to monitor the closure of the MoM raised to save the time & efforts of employees to work in another deliverables.

Meeting Management System
Meeting Management System

Process followed

Schedule Meetings


Schedule the meetings

Participants and Agenda


Invite participants, Create Agenda



Note the Minutes of Meeting

Monitor Closures

Monitor the closures