Create a Remarkable Customer Experience with our Complaint Management System

Our Customer Complaint Management software helps to solve customer complaints through a structured 8D analysis method

Complaint Management System

Our complaint management system enables you to solve your customer’s issues quickly, win their trust, and spot growth opportunities for your firm

The voice of the customer is engaged in two stages of a business one during the product design & another after the delivery of our product or services. The second stage is the important stage where the organization’s brand gets affected directly in the market. Hearing the customer & attending to their need in a structured way makes the customer feel confident in the process.

Customer Experience is the differentiating factor for brands in today’s time.

One major part of building your brand’s experience is to focus on customers.

Today, people expect brands to hear them, be there for them, and give them quick and easy solutions to their problems.

That’s where a Complaint Management System can help and has become the need of the hour.

It enables you to ace the area of customer service.

Not only that, it even helps you spot growth opportunities for your firm and spread the good word about it.

How Does Our Complaint Management System Help You Deliver a Remarkable Customer Experience?

  • One Platform for all Complaint Lifestages:

It covers the complete cycle of complaints from submission to resolution and analysis.

  • 360 Customer View:

It gives you the customer’s profile and similar case studies to serve them better and faster.

  • 8D Analysis Method for Quick Solutions:

It thoroughly examines a complaint to pass it to the relevant department. It enables your firm to give the right attention to each issue, come up with solutions, and win the customer’s satisfaction and trust.

  • Multi-Channel Support:

It lets you oversee and handle complaints through various channels like Live Chat, Social Media, and Email.

  • Live Dashboards for Monitoring and View:

It shows you real-time dashboards to know the status of the complaint, the steps taken, and the outcome.

  • Single-Click PDF Reports and Auto Email Alerts:

It notifies the team when a complaint comes in up to the time it is resolved and closed.


In short, it helps your brand get goodwill, growth, and new opportunities

Complaint Management System
Complaint Management System

Process followed

Create Complaints


Create the customer complaints

Review the Complaint


Analyze the complaints

Assign to an Owner


Assign owner to solve it

Create & Assign Corrective Action


Take the corrective action

Implement & close the complaint

Close the complaint with the verification


Is this a web-based Customer complaint System

Yes, this is a web-based application

Is this only applicable for Customer complaints?

No, This module can be used for Supplier & Customer complaint Management

Is single click report download available?

Yes, Reports can be downloaded with the company logo, format & revision number.

Mails will go to the concerned users for reminder & Trigger

Yes, Mails will be triggered from the portal  automatically

Do you have Readymade MIS Dashboard ?

Yes, Ready to use MIS dashboard with multiple filters available as default