Manage your customer inspections & monitor

Our Customer Inspection planning software module helps in raising the inspection call, track the completion & clearance

Customer Inspection Planning Software

Products or Services will be done based on the customer specification and it has to be confirmed before handover to the customer with the Final Inspection. Based on the importance of the product or service customer will be involved in inspection at the final stage or at different stages of operations.

Visibility of the customer inspection plan & monitoring the closure in a single page not available is the current problem.

Our Customer Inspection module makes life easier in creating the customer inspection plan and sharing the visibility of the status to everyone in the organization which will help the team to organize the activities accordingly & we could able to know the number of inspectors/customers available in the organization

Customer visit management Software
Customer visit management Software

Process followed

Create Inspection


Create the Inspection call & download call letter

Confirm the Call


Confirm the call & Communicate to the team

Mark Inspection


Mark the inspection status

Inspection Quantity


Enter the Inspected qty of products

Close the Inspection Call

Close the inspection call