Quality Inspection Software: 4W1H of Inspection Process to know..

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Inspection is an inseparable part of a firm’s production process.

Having one helps you win the market and customers’ minds by building high-quality, error-free products.

But even today, 

  • A lot of the team’s effort goes into manually storing, managing, working on, sharing, and recovering data.
  • The firms aren’t able to find and solve faults at every stage.

Why? Because they haven’t yet adopted Quality Inspection Software.

So today, we will share how it can help you enhance your inspection process and what factors you need to look out for while choosing one.

Why is an Inspection Process Important?

  1. Inspection at every stage helps your product meet quality standards and customer expectations.
  1. It alerts you when it spots a deviation in any phase. You can then take action and solve it.
  1. It saves your firm the time, cost, and effort it would have spent on solving customer issues by checking the product at every phase for the best final result.
  1. It lets you delight your buyers and win their loyalty.
Inspection process & Inspection software

What are the Benefits of a Paperless Inspection Process (i.e.  Quality Inspection Software)?

  • One Solution for all Inspection Activities:
    • It lets your team manage all the tasks and phases of the process from a single platform. They don’t have to put in double the effort and juggle between different software for various task
  • Ease of Handling Data:
    • It digitizes the inspection process and stores the data in one safe place. Your team can easily share the data, access it, recover it, work on it, and turn them into dashboards
  • Save Time & Cost:
    • It alerts your team as soon as it spots a deviation at any step. It enables them to take action to solve it so that the process keeps going and you get a high-quality product at the end
  • Save Space:
    • Digital reports generated from the portal do not need any physical storage space with Files & also storage in the local computers, It also eliminates the duplication of the reports stored in Hard copy & Scanned copy as soft copy

What are the Red Flags in an Inspection Process To Avoid?

  • Employee Efforts Go Into Non-Value-Added Activities: They do many tasks without any automation help.
  • Team’s Juggle Between Tools: They have to use a different tool to finish and summarize the outcome of every step.
  • Duplication of Data: The data is stored digitally and on paper, which takes up a lot of space.
  • Heavy Reliance on Paper: People responsible for inspection maintain registers, manually write down entries, and store them.
Effect of Outdated Inspection Process

Which Features Should Consider While Choosing a Quality Inspection Software?

  1. Conducting Inspection: It should help you start an inspection process. It must let you work with teams (within and outside the firm), finish all the tasks, and share the results.
  1. NCR Resolution: It should be able to track every step and notify you whenever it spots an NCR issue. So that you can solve it, have review meetings, and close it to move forward.
  1. Integration Capabilities: It should be able to blend with other business tools you use, such as ERP and Production Software.
  1. Accessibility: It must let your team work on mobile, desktop, and tablet from anywhere, anytime.

How does our Quality Inspection software help you Deliver Error-Free Products?

“42% improvement in productivity.” 

Our Quality Inspection Software will make this number a norm for your firm. 

“How”? By – 

1) Eliminating the non-value-added activities that rely on paper and humans, and 

2) Reducing the number of activities your employees have to perform with 7 activities from 12 activities in traditional processes

Inspection Software
Existing Process & Pain points

These are the 4 W’s of an Inspection Process that you need to know.

To summarize everything we shared above, it brings your firm satisfied customers and reduced costs.

How? By helping you to build high-quality and error-free products.

Reach out to us if you want to know more about our Quality Inspection Software or fill out the form displayed on the right side our team will reach you as soon as possible.

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