Quality department employees are CLERKS. Oh No!!

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The quality department is an essential department in any organization it may be software, manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, food, etc.. which contributes to the business growth and ensure the delivery of defect-free 100% quality product to the internal or external customers.

In this department, employees are working as clerks..

Yes, you heard it RIGHT..

The traditional quality processes use Paper in the regular daily routine which makes the entire process highly manual with a more human touch involved.

Because of this employees work in an older era without the aid of technologies available today to make the work simpler and smarter.


As a Quality Engineer I felt the pain point during my corporate experience, the same has been verified among my peer professionals got the same feeling.

Then I researched the pain point across the globe and got the same kind of response through a LinkedIn poll.

Pain points:

Below is the list of pain points shared

  1. Highly Manual process
  2. Usage of multiple software applications
  3. Data Management & Consolidation
  4. Data Accuracy & Reporting
  5. More time consuming
  6. Delay in delivery of Product, Service, or Information
  7. Increase in manpower YoY
  8. and many more…

Here you go, take an initial step to come out from the above pain points and improve the way the quality department operates and give the platform for employees to add real VALUE to the business and also become a front runner among the competitors in the market.

Implement end-to-end digital tech solutions instead of various small applications in the organization which transforms the business operating style and lowers the expenses in various forms.

Reach out to nallathambi.e@bizrenow.com or +91 9688821159 to understand where your organization stands in terms of Digitalization of Quality processes.

Current scenario & Solution

Presently the manufacturing industries are showing interest to implement QMS software in their workplace to digitalize the entire quality process.

We BizReNow solutions offer Digital Quality Management Suite (DQMS) an user-friendly, affordable QMS software for the industries to help employees to add value to the processes & business by eliminating Non-Value added activities.

A few of the modules are Inspection software, Audit software, Calibration software, Document Management System, Kaizen Software, Customer Complaint software, etc,..

Schedule a demo call with Co-Founder & CEO to understand the solutions better.

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