QMS Solution

Say good bye to

Paper Word, Excel, PPT Calls & Messages Long Meetings Followups

It is a cloud-based, all-encompassing QMS  software that digitalizes end to end quality processes and connects shop to top management to monitor business performance from anywhere at any time!

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Problems | Solutions

Paper based manual process

Paperless Digital process

Manual Data Storage

Secured & Digitally stored

Productivity & Delivery delay

Eliminate NVAs in processes


Communication & Follow up

Auto E mail alerts & notification

Delayed decision

Fact-based immediate decision

Dependent Data

Centralized data accessible to all

Meeting preparation

Live dashboards

More Expensive


Digital Quality Management Suite is the Solution

DQMS – an overview

Digital Quality Management Suite is an all-in-one QMS platform with a set of 16 modules that transform paper-based quality processes.

It is the best QMS focused on Next-generation No code Digital platforms with secured, reliable & scalable database.

Our solution helps organizations to implement & maintain Quality, Compliance activities with fewer resources to achieve better productivity, profitability ensures high-value delivery to customers

Our objective is to eliminate Non-Value Added (NVAs) activities in the processes that reduce time & efforts spent by an employee.

Customer gains

Improvement in business objective areas like PQCDSM and delivers high value to customers.


Paperless Process


Cost Saving


Less Manpower


Increased Productivity

Avoid the usage of…

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Our Modules

Internal Audit

Supplier Audit





Quality Deviation

Document Management

Calibration Management

KPI Management

Meeting Management

Compliant Management

Customer Inspection

Change Management

Risk Assessment

Material Inspection

We comply with

Quality Management System

| #1 Quality Management system from Raw material to Finished Goods

Our modules have multiple unique features that enhance the experience of the modules & benefit the organization at all levels from the Shop to Top management team & help in improving the bottom line of the business


All modules in 1 Login

Access all 16 modules with one Login credential & it is interlinked for better workflow

Qualified Team

Founding team with total 72+ yrs of exp in Mfg & IT industries delivers better solution

User friendly, Configurable

Master data can be configured very easily based on company practices

Multiple access mode

Access in Desktop, Mobile phone, Tablet devices with immediate data exchange

Upload Photos & Documents

Capture evidences in terms of photo / documents in the mobile application directly

Single click reports

Reports can be downloaded with company logo, format & revision number

Hassle free integrations with

Key Benefits


Improved Productivity

Elimination of NVAs in the process makes the employees to work efficiently & deliver Quality output


Improved Transparency

All the data about the business is visible to everyone So no one can hide behind any reason for not completing the tasks


Reduced Costs

Time & efforts spent by an employee in managing a process gets replaced with Automated digital process makes them to deliver the product / service to customer

Paperless Business

Elimination of paper in the business process gives a great relief to employees in terms of preparation, storage & retrieval also saves lot of sapce needed for storage

Less Manual Dependent

Automated business processes eliminates the intervention of employees in executing clerical work and avoid the error in the process