“Paper Life cycle” in an organization, What ??

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We might have heard of the Product Life cycle, Process Life Cycle, and Customer Lifecycle but interestingly do you know about the “Paper Life Cycle”

Yes, it is. Did you observe the process undergone by a paper in an organization?

Paper is bought from the suppliers, then it is stored & supplied to the Quality department for their day-to-day business activities.

Landfill contribution by Paper

List of documents generated in the Quality department

  1. Inspection reports (Inward, Inprocess, Final, PDI, etc,.)
  2. Non-Conformance reports
  3. Internal Audit reports
  4. Supplier Audit reports
  5. Kaizen reports
  6. Suggestion forms
  7. Quality deviation lerts
  8. Supplier compliant reports
  9. Calibration reports
  10. Inhouse calibration reports
  11. Minutes of Meeting
  12. Change Management reports
  13. Concession reports
  14. KPI displays in each department

the above list contributes to 70% of paper document generation in the industry.

Here we see the process a paper undergoes once it is issued to the Quality department.

Process followed by a Paper

Print the template with / without the details –> Enter the actual details –> Sign it –> Get the countersign –> Scan it –> Store the Soft & Hard copy –> Retrieve it –> Scrap it after the retention period completes.

For every record as per the standards & customer requirements, it needs to be stored for a recommended time period.

Finally, all the paper gets thrown as scrap contributes to landfills, and pollutes the land even though it is a biodegradable one.

Tons & tons of paper get consumed by the industry in a year assuming the amount of pollution that causes to the earth.

Problems of Paper-based Quality Processes

Paper waste into Polluting Landfills

Problems are listed below.

  1. Cash outflow to purchase the paper
  2. Space needed to store it & associated space cost
  3. Associated file purchase to store it
  4. Preserve it to avoid loss/damage
  5. Retrieval is another issue
  6. More manual work

Paper consumes & damages 2 natural resources,

Produce paper by cutting trees & throwing it to land as a landfill after usage.

Imagine if we stop using paper with advanced latest technologies in place will make the earth a beautiful place to live and also the process in an industry more efficient and productive.

Benefits of Paperless QMS process

Usage of technologies will give you the below benefits

  1. Cost saving (Purchase of Paper & its associated items)
  2. Space saving
  3. Less manual work & Less manual dependency
  4. Updated information & status all the time
  5. Employee Morale will be improved
  6. Profitability & productivity will be improved

Origin of QMS Software development

Nallathambi E, Co-Founder & CEO of BizReNow Solutions faced the problem when he was in a corporate job and also noticed the pain points faced by many of the employees in the Quality department.

That is where the trigger initiated to start our own company offering QMS Software to industries to digitalize their process and save almost 50% of employee productivity & also save ~40% of the cost.

If you are interested to know more, click QMS Software or click to schedule a demo call.

Share your views & experience about the Paper-based process, its pain points & issues/drawbacks as well positives about the Digital adoption.

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