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We are glad to inform you that, we have signed a new project from an Indian two Wheeler manufacturing MNCs having headquarters in Chennai, Tamilnadu. We are happy to be a part of their Quality process digitalization journey with our Calibration Management software.

Calibration Software

The calibration process is one of the important and mandatory processes in any manufacturing industry because this is one of the Preventive activities to ensure the quality of the product on the shop floor.

Existing Calibration Process:

They follow multiple touchpoint processes like the usage of Paper, Excel, PPT, mail, hard copies, and soft copies of the certificates is an inefficient way to complete the activities resulting in the delay of Calibration processes.

They use external software to manage the Calibration activities, unfortunately, the requirement of them is not matching and the existing supplier doesn’t support them to improve the existing software.

To know more about the Conflicts of the Calibration process & its Resolution here

How they chose BizReNow Solutions !!

They initiated the process of identifying the solution provider for their problem, We connected over LinkedIn and started the discussion about the requirements. We have shown our Industry experience & expertise in the discussion and shared options to improve their ideas as well.

Our Experience, Expertise, Founding team strength, Existing customer portfolio, enthusiasm, and passion we had for business growth are a few of the factors that helped us to bag the valuable order.

We are going to digitalize the calibration process of around 6 plants in India.

They found ours is one of the Best calibration software compared to others in the market.

Please explore more about our BizReNow Calibration Management Software module.

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