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John works in the Quality Department of ABC Valves.

His association with the brand goes back to when he graduated with an offer letter from the firm.

He was selected under the Quality department and after knowing about the various Quality Management system standards and their benefits, He knew that now he’d get to work on improvement projects, problem-solving projects, customer complaints, and supplier improvement assignments like he always wanted.

After the first two months, John found himself in a tough spot – an overwhelming heap of workload welcomed him every day, and he couldn’t get rid of it.

He found himself glued to his desk for long hours and the work he was doing was far from what he was expecting when he joined the team.

At first, John thought it might be due to his lack of expertise that he struggled so much and didn’t get the work he loved.

But later, he found otherwise.

All members of the Quality Department felt they weren’t gaining anything fruitful from all the laborious work they did every day.

John started digging deep into the matter and found that it wasn’t just their firm’s problem.

The people in the quality department of many companies were going through the same thing.

He observed that all these organizations shared one thing in common.

They used a traditional approach to quality management.


Doing so brought them the following problems

  1. They relied on paper and legacy tools like Excel, Word, and PPTs. They had to use different software for every task.
  2. They had a difficult time storing, maintaining, and retrieving the documents. 
  3. They had to focus some of their efforts on communication as there was no integration between teams.

Which led to a

  1. Delay in decision making.
  2. Employees had to do unproductive manual tasks that resulted in wasted efforts.
  3. The outdated methods used by the firm made the processes inefficient and slow and kept them from focusing on growth.

Now that John knew the root cause of the problem, the next obvious step for him to take was to search for a solution.

QMS Software Solutions

He started asking his friends, scouring the internet, and following thought leaders, and he found a familiar term appearing everywhere.

It was – Digital Quality Management System.

A Digital Quality Management System software enables a firm in these ways – (LinkedIn post)

  1. It increases efficiency in processes, saves time and resources, and reduces wastage.
  2. It helps the firm deliver consistent results and continuously improve by reducing errors and mitigating risks.
  3. It impacts the company culture by creating a formal system for processes, procedures, and responsibilities.

All of this helps the firm enjoy the following results –

  1. Improvement in the quality of processes.
  2. More productivity and profitability.
  3. Increase in customer satisfaction (internal and external), and
  4. A better overall offering of the firm.

John took note of the things he learned about DQMS. He proposed the idea of incorporating DQMS into the top management.

They approved the proposal, but John’s journey didn’t end there.

John had to now put in the last piece of the puzzle to see the result.

The piece was – which is the “Best Quality Management System Software” we choose?

Once again, John followed his habit of asking his friends, scouring the internet, and looking in groups to find answers to the question.

He got a list of tools, and among them, he found one option that aligned well with their organizational goals.

It was BizReNow Solutions – which James had recommended to him.

Why is that so?

BizReNow helped him address their pain points by offering benefits with the Quality Management Software

  1. The entire QMS process is paperless, digitalize 16 modules, and data is stored electronically. Hence, the data remains safe, there’s no use of paper, and there’s no hassle of storage.
  2. List view with details, Live Dashboards 24/7, and One-click PDF Reports make compiling and sharing results with everyone quicker.
  1. Instant Email Notifications from the Portal help you reduce the use of calls, emails, and messages to make communication an easy task, not a tedious one.
  1. Access through mobile applications and desktop helps every team keep track of things anywhere, anytime, without being present physically.
  1. The founding team has 72+ years of combined experience to help make implementing a quality management system a cakewalk.

John and his team started using BizReNow’s Digital Quality Management Suite (DQMS) a QMS software for their quality process.

There was now a reduction of non-value-added activities, which led to ease of work.

It also made room in John’s schedule for focusing on projects of his interest.

His experience with BizReNow brought him to spread the word with his friends and suppliers to use DQMS for improving their quality processes and business.

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