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Inspection software – Material Inspection in a manufacturing industry is to ensure the quality of the product at all stages of operations.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the Challenges & Solutions of the existing process.

Considering the advancement of technologies in all sectors, Manufacturing companies still follow the traditional way of process in many functions. Especially Quality processes are not yet upgraded to the next level which results in the addition of Manpower, Paper & other resources.

The quality department does various activities in which the first & foremost is the Material Inspection. It is an activity that is unavoidable because the entire organization operates to produce the right quality product as output to customers as per their specifications.

An inspection happens at various stages of Operations like Raw Material, Inprocess, Final, Despatch, and in various forms like First Article Inspection, Setup Approval, Process Inspection, etc.

If you see the processes, Paper & Instruments are the resources used to measure & enter the data. Considering the advancement of technology we can optimize the usage of these resources.

Below are the challenges and solutions of the Inspection process being followed currently without any technology adoption.

  1. More Papers are used – The existing process uses always paper reports at all stages of inspection resulting in environmental impact even though the recycled paper is used
  2. Filing & Storage of the physical & scan copy – One inspection report to be stored in two different kinds of formats (Hard & Soft copy) which results in duplication of the data consumes more space both physical & in system
  3. Retrieval & Loss of documents – Damage & Loss will happen to the physical stored copy and loss of document happens to the soft copy document
  4. Data Maintenance in Excel – All the entries of Inspection, NCR to be maintained in excel register through which the analysis to be done followed by preparing analytics in PowerPoint for the reviews & meetings
  5. Communication of NCR & Closure follow-up – Communicate the NCR to the concerned through the mail and monitoring the closure along with the analysis is a tedious process for the Quality representative

We BizReNow solutions offer a “Paperless Inspection module” which is an Inspection software for manufacturing that upgrades the standard of the existing process without paper and makes the entire data management, analysis, and analytics a built-in feature.

Below are the uniqueness of our Inspection software

Inspection Software

Take your first step to upgrading the Inspection process without paper, Reach us to know more with a detailed demo.

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